Honor Student Faces Felony Charges for Using CBD oil for ADD

Plants over poison, image design by Seana Kay of the Holistic News

Tiffany Young and her family are facing a nightmare right now. Her 15-year-old son (an honor student and Cadet hopeful studying robotics and maritime studies) is facing a felony charge for using non-psychoactive, 50 state legal, hemp-based CBD oil. Tiffany’s son deals with ADD/ADHD/ODD, PTSD and dysgraphia (a learning disability similar to dyslexia that affects writing). After running through over a dozen separate meds and the side effects that accompany them, Tiffany researched non-psychoactive CBD oil. For the past 6 months, her son has had the best results of his life without the side effects and dangers of stimulant based medications like Ritalin and Concerta.

 One day at school, her son was searched and they found the dropper of CBD oil. Keep in mind, this is an honor student with no record of bad behavior at school and no criminal record at all. Due to a lack of information, her son is facing felony charges for THC oil possession. The outdated field test used by the police was unable to discern that the levels of THC were below that allowable by law. After contacting the school and asking if it would be alright for her son to bring in his oil. Due to miscommunication this led to another visit by law enforcement, so at this point it looks as if her son intentionally bucked the system.

”I asked if Nate could bring it to the office with Doctors note to be kept in a locked box in the office or if I needed too. Response was [that it was] okay for him. The oil was in possession of the school when officer confiscated and wrote an addendum to previous charges. So, 2 bottle confiscated, 1 charge but having two incidents in the report makes it look like he disregarded law enforcement and had it anyway.”

Tiffany’s son is an honors student taking Advanced Placement courses for college credit at an accelerated pace. His goal was to enroll in the Coast Guard Academy but if he is wrongly charged with felony THC oil possession all that could never happen. In between lawyer’s fees and getting his Florida cannabis card, there has been a lot of out-of-pocket expense for the Youngs and all rooted in a lack of education within the educational system and law enforcement. If you’d like to learn more about how you can possibly help, visit Tiffany’s GoFundMe page. We will be keeping you closely updated on this story as it develops.