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Blue Lotus

Hidden history of the mysterious Nymphaea, the Egyptian Blue Lotus


Skullcaps, they’re not just for religious purposes anymore

Shaman Claus

Shaman Claus: the psychedelic origins of Christmas

Yule, yellow snow and the true (psychedelic) meaning of Christmas

Recharge with a ginger and red clay salt soak

Ebsham (later Epsom), home of the Epsom Wells Spa

Herbal alternatives for neuropathic pain relief

THP corydalis alkaloid extract

The Buddy System

Plants over poison, image design by Seana Kay of the Holistic News



Dandelion, invasive weed or medicinal wildflower?



7 Reasons Why You Should Shift To Natural Foods

Is Healthy Eating a Dangerous Trend?

Issue of Kratom Legality in Tennessee Successfully Challenged by Christopher Miller

Ginseng: Nature’s Remedy

Plant voodoo: A brief intro to the secondary metabolites

A brief intro to plant alkaloids

History and use of Syrian rue seeds


Blue Lotus Wine Infusion Recipe for Beginners

Honor Student Faces Felony Charges for Using CBD oil for ADD

Fo-Ti, the Chinese Rejuvenative and Longevity Herb

Drug Abuse Expert, Dr. Jack Henningfield, Warns Against Banning Kratom

History And Use Of Wild Lettuce