NY Post Spreads Disinformation Regarding Kratom

The New York Post recently published an article regarding kratom that relied heavily on blatant misinformation supplied by the DEA. The article claimed 10 percent of the 23,000 respondents to the call for public comments claimed they supported the DEA ban. They relied on a claim of 15 attributable deaths related to kratom that has been debunked numerous times. There was also an “anonymous source” who alleged serious withdrawal symptoms related to kratom. Kratom is a Southeast Asian plant related to coffee used for hundreds of years as a folk medicine that many consider to be a life-saver.

The claim that 10 percent of users experienced ill effects from kratom is in conflict with the analysis performed by the American Coalition of Free Citizens. The ACFC findings revealed the actual number to be just under 1 percent. The ACFC’s analysis found 99.1 percent of the 23,000 respondents were in favor of kratom. Only 113 of the 23,000 supported the DEA’s proposed extra-judicial ban. In addition, 48 percent of the respondents were veterans, law enforcement officials, health care professionals and scientists. This population of the respondents came out in favor of kratom and against a ban with a support level of 98.7 percent. Twenty-one percent of the filers who indicated age were 55 or older. Many users of kratom prefer the plant to prescribed pain medication because it is more effective and doesn’t have the same side effects of intoxication and addiction that pain pills do. The 90 percent figure offered by DEA spokesperson Melvin Patterson that the NY Post offers is completely fabricated.

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