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Rehmanniae Root (Rehmannia glutinosa)

Latin Name: Rehmannia glutinosa
Common Names: Rehmanniae Root

Rehmannia glutinosa, the Latin name for Rehmanniae root, is just one of the many superior herbs that you will find available from Botanicals, a premiere online dried herbs source. Rehmannia glutinosa is a perennial herb that is native to China. It has another common name of Chinese Foxglove, because the flowers look like foxglove flowers, but hairy. In China the plant is known as Sheng di Huang, and is used in that medical herbal tradition.

Rehamanniae Root is available from Botanicals in a cooked, sulfite-free version, as well as a raw sliced form; both versions are Organic. is proud to offer Rehamanniae Root that is certified Organic by Quality Assurance International. All of the dried herbs that we offer, including this root, undergo stringent testing in order to verify the appearance, flavor, aroma and color of each herb we provide our customers. All of our dried herbs are processed and packaged at our own mill, so that we can ensure the highest standards of best practices go into their manufacture.

Warning: Raw: Not for use in persons with diarrhea.

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