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Spearmint Leaf (Mentha spicata )

Latin Name: Mentha spicata
Common Names: Spearmint Leaf

Botanicals has many different forms of Spearmint Leaf available for you to choose from. Certified kosher and organic cut and sifted forms are available from , along with a powdered form and spearmint tea bags made with the finest U.S grown organic Spearmint. Botanicals is a certified bulk herbs processor that is committed to bringing value to every customer’s purchase of dried herbs and herb products.

Spearmint Leaf’s botanical name in Latin is Mentha spicata. The familiar scent of Spearmint is released from the leaves when they are crushed. Mentha spicata tea is widely used in cooking, and might be found as an ingredient in ethnic dishes such as Greek Stuffed Grape leaves, where it is used to flavor the rice and meat filling. It is also fantastic added to Tunisian Chickpea Soup as a bright contrasting flavoring to the hearty garbanzo beans.

The Spearmint Leaf from Botanicals has been processed in house, and it comes to you with a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee.

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