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Strawberry Leaf (Fragaria vesca)

Latin Name: Fragaria vesca
Common Names: Strawberry Leaf

As one of the largest suppliers of Organic dried herbs in the United States, Botanicals is pleased to present our Organic Strawberry Leaf in a cut and sifted form. Our Strawbery Leaf comes directly to us from our supplier in Bulgaria, and then is carefully processed by us at our in-house processing facility. We take these special steps in order to ensure that only the finest Strawberry Leaf is made available to our valued customers.

Strawberry Leaf also goes by the common names of common strawberry, mountain strawberry, pine apple strawberry, wild strawberry, Fraises des Bois, Alpine strawberry and wood strawberry; its Latin botanical name is Fragaria vesca. Our Fragaria vesca is also certified kosher.

Botanicals is a certified bulk herbs processor that is delighted to bring you the finest Strawberry leaf on the market today. We offer the finest dried herbs and herbal products at fair prices and with excellent customer service in order to bring value to every purchase you make from Botanicals.

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