Tetrahydropalmatine, Corydalis alkaloidal isolate

THP corydalis alkaloid extract
THP, alkaloidal isolate of corydalis root




THP corydalis alkaloid extract

Tetrahydropalmatine is an isolate of the herb corydalis. Corydalis has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine as Yan Huo Suo.  As a pain remedy it’s action is primarily via action on the CNS as well as sigma and dopamine receptor modulation. Corydalis is related to the poppy plant but non-narcotic and opiate free.  In traditional Chinese medicine Yan Hu Suo (Corydalis) was considered the second most effective remedy for pain next only to opium. Unlike opiate derivatives corydalis is not addictive, debilitating or intoxicating.

Corydalis also relieves muscle aches, improves the body’s natural resistance to pain signals, lowers blood pressure and in addition to it’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities, is also a mild hypnotic/sedative and may have some positive sleep promoting qualities as a result. It’s been considered especially helpful in relieving nerve pain.

A study published in the journal “Current Biology” in 2014 by researchers at UC-Irvine found Yan Huo Suo (corydalis) to be an effective but non-addictive analgesic agent for either acute inflammatory pain or chronic nerve related pain. Rodent trials suggest it could be one of the most potent herbal based neuropathic pain remedies.

Like most herbs, it is often more powerful combined with complementary adjuncts that add synergy. Traditionally frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon and fennel can be added to boost the potency of THP alone.

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