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Bad Day Tea (loose leaf)

Bad Day Tea (loose leaf)

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Bad Day Tea, is not your mother’s sleepy tea. This tea packs a powerful punch when you have endured one of those days. Need something sweet and soothing to help melt away the tensions of the hardest days? Simply drop a teaspoon to a tablespoon of our loose leaf tea blend featuring a spoonful of some of our most potent calming and soporific herbs. Just add boiling water and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your evening. Let our tasty, herbal tea ease your restless mind so you can finally enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

We’ve selectively crafted this very special tea formula from a variety of rare herbs from around the world to concoct a combo that’s perfect for calming the most anxious minds. We start with fresh, potent foliage and plant material like Chinese licorice (added to most traditional Chinese formulas as it calms the stomach and has several other positive benefits in addition to it’s enjoyable flavor), and spearmint, another herb as soothing as it is pleasant to the taste. From the South Pacific islands, the long treasured kava root (source of the fermented “grog” of pirate fame, the origin of the term groggy). Out of the Amazonian rain forests, mulungu bark, a slightly sedative and supremely calming bark whose pleasant taste is a favorite of the skink. Mulungu’s mildly relaxing, slightly sleepy essence makes for quite the calming effect alone, then blended delicately with lavender’s light, calming flavor and effect makes for a tea as potent as it is effective.

Just take a heaping teaspoon to tablespoon full and let steep for 15 minutes or more. Each 20 gram quantity of loose leaf herbal tea should yield at least 15-18 servings depending on strength required or to taste.

Enjoy a cup before a refreshing, hot, bath salt soak with some calming oils infused with one of the several choices offered in our aromatherapy section.

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